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BDW Landscapes is one of the top paving companies in the industry. We are known for our high-quality paving services, and we always put our clients first.

From historic to modern and everything in-between

Pavers so often carry the responsibility of bringing personality to your outside spaces. Their landscaping uses are endless, from footpaths and stepping stones to the patios and pool surround. At BDW Landscapes, we take inspiration from various cultures and periods – both historic and modern, to help you choose the right pavers to match your grand landscaping vision.

What to expect from the BDW landscape journey


Before we plan your space, we first brainstorm ideas with you to understand how the proposed landscape intersects with your life. We work to capture the unique personality of you and your home to elevate your everyday living and entertaining experience.


We factor in all the different installation and construction considerations to prepare a concept that works within your space and budget preferences. We listen and collaboratively work with you to transform each landscaped element into spaces that you want to spend your time in.


BDW’s homescapes bring something far greater than just a landscaped garden. Our Master Builders craft your landscape from the perfect hard and softscape elements. We expertly transform outside spaces into memorable experiences – that’s why we call it lifescape living.

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Your paving questions answered

Our popular paving options include Bluestone, Granite and most natural stone pavers. However, we can design a paving option perfect for your space.

It really depends on the style of paver chosen and how large the area is. It also depends on how accessible the project site is. Rather than estimate how much paving will cost, we encourage you to discuss your complete design and budget first. We will give you honest advice on how much it is likely to cost as well as some budget management tips for achieving your dream landscape.

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