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How To Restore Your Deck In 7 Easy Steps

Follow the below easy steps to Restore Your Deck.

Although your deck looks great now, you’ve noticed that it’s starting to show its age. Restore Your Deck now with these easy steps. Perhaps the wood is splintering, there are a few cracks, or it’s becoming more difficult to keep clean and free of dirt and moss.

Rather than completely replacing your deck, consider restoring it with these seven easy steps. This will save you money, but it will also provide the satisfaction of saving something from the scrap! Restore Your Deck will inspire your next project.

Step 1 – Powerwash, the deck

To clean off old grime and dirt, power washes your deck. Using a pressure washer can be helpful here, but it’s not necessary. You should need a regular garden hose for most of your cleaning. Make sure you keep all electrical connections covered during power washing and wear protective gear like boots and gloves so you don’t get hurt or damage anything by spraying water at it.

Power washing before painting will also help eliminate loose rust particles that might otherwise scratch up surfaces as you sand later on in these instructions.

Step 2 – Sand it down.

Before you start sanding down, prepare a wash area away from where you’ll be working. Run some warm water and add dish soap—you can also add some wood bleach. The combination of hot water and dish soap will loosen up any grime or mould on the surface of your deck. Let it sit for 15 minutes to loosen everything up, then scrub it with a brush or broom. You can also use a cup of Napisan in a full bucket of warm water.

Scrub the solution into the deck using a Deck scrub. Please wait until the surface is dry (40mins) until it has a white haze. Rinse off all excess soapy water with clean hose water, then let dry for 24 hours before moving onto step 3.

Step 3 – Clean up and seal it with a waterproofing stain.

Once you’ve taken off all of the old wood, it’s time to clean it. The easiest way is with an orbital sander, but be prepared for some nasty fumes. Also, make sure that your safety equipment is up-to-date. This can include a respirator or safety goggles. If you have any questions, please ask someone at our hardware store! Once cleaned, use a waterproofing stain on top and watch as beautiful new colour seeps into your decking material.

It may take one coat or several coats of stain before you are completely satisfied with how it looks. Be patient! Once done, wipe up any excess stain and seal over it with more waterproofing stain for extra protection from water damage.

Step 4 – Seal all cracks.

You can fix most deck cracks with a plastic-wood repair filler. This product is designed for people who don’t have time to sit down and sand down every crack but want a solid seal that won’t let any water through. Just fill up each crack with about two centimetres of the filler and smooth it out with a putty knife.

If you want something that looks nicer, you can go back over it with wood filler (that will require more sanding later on) or get some wood stain to colour it after it dries.

Step 5 – Put on weather-proof sealant.

After you’ve sanded, primed and painted your deck, you’ll need to put on a final coat of sealant. You can do it yourself or hire a pro. If you do it alone, apply a wood-safe sealant for an oil finish with UV Protectant.

This topcoat is specially formulated for exterior wood; it protects and preserves your new stain by repelling dirt, moisture and mildew that could otherwise cause damage over time. We also recommend using 100% Acrylic Latex paint to form a protective coating that seals water better than oil-based paints.

Step 6 – Let it dry out before you put furniture on it

Once you’ve completed all steps, it’s time to let your newly restored deck dry out. Your outdoor furniture won’t need such a long drying period, but most of its fabric parts will be exposed once it’s put on your new wood finish, so if you don’t wait at least a week before putting anything back on top of it, you could have problems with mildew or mould.

Step 7 – Pat yourself on the back!

Congratulations! You have officially completed the projects to restore your deck. Please look at that bad boy now; it’s a beautiful piece of outdoor real estate you worked very hard for.

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