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10 Steps To Landscape Your Dream Garden From Scratch Part 2

Our top tips for landscaping your dream garden from scratch

In Part One of 10 Steps To Landscape Your Dream Garden From Scratch, we have learned all about the design of your garden, removing rubbish and obstacles, drainage, topsoil, clearing and levelling your garden.

Focus on drainage

Wet weather should be a major consideration when designing your dream garden. Controlling drainage is essential otherwise, you risk having your backyard become waterlogged whenever there is heavy rain.

Landscape Your Dream Garden will show you to be careful with how you level your garden and compact the soil. It is important to remember that the topsoil should not surpass the damp course of your property; otherwise, you run the risk of the interior developing harmful dampness. It needs to be 100mm below any floor level of the inside of the house.

Certain regions might be at higher risk of flooding and waterlogging. In this instance, you should add drains and other solutions into your garden to lower the risk.

Plan your planting


While it might be very tempting to jump in and start adding shrubbery and flowers, you should take your time and plan where they will go. Ideally, planting trees and other plants should come before you begin laying the lawn, and the choice of flowers you choose will depend on the overall style and feel of the garden you are designing and the soil you have.

Most picturesque gardens blend flowers, shrubs, trees and grass, and this helps keep your outdoor space packed with colour throughout the year.

Try different landscaping zones.

When landscaping your garden, don’t be afraid to create different zones throughout the space. No matter the size of your space, zoning can help you create clear areas such as a vegetable garden, an area to entertain or a place for your children to play in.

Not sure where to start with landscaping? Here are some important tips to remember:

Try different surfaces

One good method of differentiating between different zones is to utilise different surfaces. This could be using stone or wood for decking and dining areas but grass or bark for play areas.

Utilise colour

Landscape Your Dream Garden will show you another great way to differentiate between zones is to incorporate various colours. This could be through different materials for your fencing and walls or planting different flowers and shrubs.

An important tip is to keep your dining areas brighter, while darker colours can be great to help create more atmospheric spots in your garden.

Incorporate planters

Planters can be a fantastic addition to any garden and are a great way to help you add a splash of colour and develop clear themes throughout any outdoor space.

Plan your architecture


Whether using box plants, trellises, or trees, you can use your architecture to break up your garden and create strong visual divisions between key areas. Architecture can also be used to add layers of privacy to your garden, from secluded dining spaces to hidden relaxation spots.

Using vertical screens and flower climbers can also help you differentiate between various garden areas while creating a beautiful aesthetic.

Don’t forget your final touches.

Many homeowners overlook one area when creating their dream garden is adding the final touches to make their garden stand out from the crowd truly. Once you have planted your flowers and laid your lawn, you need to add those little extras. These could be the addition of birdbaths, garden furniture, or unique water features.

You should also make sure that you are filling your raised garden beds or planters while also trimming your lawn edges so that they are neat. Don’t forget to make sure your wooden fences are painted, as this not only adds the perfect finishing touch but it will also keep your garden looking fantastic for many years to come.

Tidy up your garden

With your finishing touches in place, the last thing you need to do is tidy up and make sure that everything looks as beautiful as possible. Clean away any fallen leaves or twigs, mow the lawn, and clean away any rubbish and tools leftover from your landscaping project.

Creating your dream garden can seem a daunting process, but these ten steps can help you on the path to enjoying the perfect outdoor space for you and your loved ones. No matter the size of your garden or your budget, you can transform your backyard with enough time and attention.

However, certain tasks can be incredibly challenging. So if you are not confident in your skills or looking to ensure that your garden is completed to the highest standards, don’t be afraid to use our 10 Steps To Landscape Your Dream Garden From Scratch.

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