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Soil preparation planting and mulching

Beautiful plants need beautiful organic soil. We’ll help you nurture the green garden escape you’ve always dreamed about.

Beautiful plants need soil preparation to thrive

We provide soil preparation for all types of existing soils, including additional drainage before planting. Some types of turf can be suggested depending on sunlight and shaded areas of your home. Some plant suggestions we can include and plants will be installed and planted correctly, including trees staked and tied. Some plant suggestions we can include and plants will be installed and planted correctly, including trees staked and tied. Mulching will be put down to suppress weed growth, retain soil moisture and enhance the beauty of your home. It all starts with soil preparation.

What to expect from the BDW landscape journey


Before we plan your space, we first brainstorm ideas with you to understand how the proposed landscape intersects with your life. We work to capture the unique personality of you and your home to elevate your everyday living and entertaining experience.


We factor in all the different installation and construction considerations to prepare a concept that works within your space and budget preferences. We listen and collaboratively work with you to transform each landscaped element into spaces that you want to spend your time in.


BDW’s homescapes bring something far greater than just a landscaped garden. Our Master Builders craft your landscape from the perfect set of hard and softscape elements. We expertly transform outside spaces into memorable experiences – that’s why we call it lifescape living.

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Your soil preparation, planting and mulching questions answered

Mulch is made of Tree branches and some organic matter, and it holds moisture into the soil’s surface so plants can keep it without drying out. Mulch can also be gravel and stones for aesthetic reasons.

 It is the lifeblood of Melbourne’s most beautiful gardens and key to soil preparation.

Mulching acts as a natural barrier to harsh weather elements. It insulates plant soil during winter and keeps it cool during the summer months. Mulch also retains water to keep the soil moist and conditions the roots. Mulch keeps light away from the soil surface, reducing weed growth, soil and unwanted soil erosion.

It is best to mulch your garden beds after planting.  It is no good for the plants if you reverse this practice because the mulch mixed with the existing soil can burn the roots because of how the mulch works when retaining heat.

A yearly mulch is often sufficient for most garden beds. 2-3 inches of mulch is ideal; however, we recommend discussing the ideal depth with the BDW team to ensure you get the best result for your garden’s needs.

Whether you’re looking to landscape a large front or backyards, quaint courtyard, or to create a firepit entertainment area, BDW Landscapes have extensive structural landscaping experience. Our hardscaping services encompass the construction of retaining walls, concreting, exposed aggregate, paving, decking, excavation, feature screens and boundary fencing, driveways and pathways, and more.

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