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We’ll help you select the perfect plants, trees, shrubs and turf for your garden style.

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BDW Landscapes ensures that your plants, trees and shrubs are selected to look beautiful but that they will thrive in the conditions they are planted in.

And best of all, our softscaping project management services include everything from equipment supply through to the final tidy up. We will manage your softscaping project from the idea stage through to watering in the final plant touches in your garden. Only then will we leave you to enjoy your beautiful landscape with family, friends and visitors.

Our softscaping and hardscaping services

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Your softscaping questions answered

It refers to the process of planting, enhancing or removing the living horticultural aspects of your landscape to enhance its design. Softscaping can include selecting seasonal flowers, plants, shrubs, trees, flower beds, weed control, planting, mowing, trimming, etc. Softscape landscaping often involves aesthetically balancing the combination of greenery with hardscape elements such as retaining walls, paths and pergolas.

Structural landscaping refers to the design, construction and maintenance of the hardscape elements of your landscape that don’t form part of the usual habitable part of your home. Examples include retaining walls, concreting, exposed aggregate, paving, decking excavation, installation. Softscaping refers to the design, planting or maintaining of the living horticultural elements that you find in your outdoor spaces. Examples of softscaping elements include trees, flower beds, lawns, etc.

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